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Latest from the Blog

21 Day “Give Thanks” Challenge

October 31st, 2014 - Giveaways



In today’s society, women have so many messages coming at them, making many them feel inadequate in some way. Although these messages seem to be shouting at us daily, I believe there is a simple, yet powerful answer to overcome these feelings of not being ‘enough’, which is to simply be thankful!

This year I decided to hold another 21-day challenge at Dashing Dish, but this time around I decided to make the focus on being thankful for the good things the Lord has done in our lives!

God has given us so many unique talents, gifts, and abilities in order to bless others, raise families, and glorify the Lord. So, why not make a conscious effort to give thanks every day for 21 days!?

Starting November 1st, I want to challenge my readers during one of the busiest seasons of the year to focus on the blessings in their life. It can be something big, or small, or even something you are thankful for related to your health and/or body! The challenge will go for 21 days (ends on November 21st) and hopefully will last a lifetime (statistics prove it takes 21 days to form a habit). I pray this challenge will inspire you to focus on the things in your life that you can be thankful for!

The winner of the challenge will receive a Dashing Dish Favorite Things Basket! This basket will be filled with tons of my favorite goodies, which include; 3 containers of protein powder and protein bars from Designer Whey, Peanut Flour, Nu Naturals Stevia, a custom made apron from Chelsea Made Aprons ($100 value), and a $100 Visa Gift Card!


There are three ways to Enter: Share a picture of something you are thankful for on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and tag or mention @DashingDish or #DashingDish. Every day that you share, it counts as an entry and increases your chance to win!


For accountability and support: You can join the Facebook 21 Day Dashing Dish Give Thanks Challenge Group! This group is for anyone involved in the Dashing Dish 21 Day Challenge! It is a place where we can support, encourage, and pray for one another to focus on the good things God has done in our lives!  Sarah Shaffer will be posting in this group as well, and she and I will be praying for you daily! You can share pictures, or whatever it is you are thankful for here as well!

Remember! The 21-Day Challenge begins November 1st and ends November 21st! I will be doing this challenge along with you guys, and I’m so excited to start this journey with you!

(Please note – This challenge is limited to US citizens only, due to shipping purposes.)

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How to Have a Balanced Approach to Halloween

October 28th, 2014 - Dashing Devotionals, Inspiration, Kids/Family



There are varying opinions about how to handle Halloween, but there’s one thing we can all agree on –there will be candy! Lots and lots of candy! 

When my son turned two I sought the Lord about how to handle Halloween in our home. At that point he was toddling around with tiny steps and there was a huge part of me that really wanted to put him in some crazy cute get-up and show him off to all the neighbors! I had such fond memories of fall evenings running with friends from house to house on that night. Then, rushing home with excitement to revel in the bounty I’d collected. It was a good, pure memory for me and one I desired for my own kids.

I really needed the Lords guidance though to help set a precedent with our kids for Halloween. I don’t believe there is any one “right” way for everyone, but what the Lord showed me has been a blessing and is still the way we approach Halloween six years later. The kids know that their costume choices have to follow the Philippians 4:8 rule (whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.) and be “silly” in nature – nothing scary or “dark”. And, we are very, very careful to “guard our gates” (an awesome article about this here, In other words, we are very careful about what our little eyes see. We intentionally choose to get candy from homes where the “light is on” both literally and figuratively. 

I had great peace about how we would handle Halloween, but in the early years of seeking more balance in my health, Halloween posed another source of stress and anxiety for me. The candy, oh the endless, endless candy! I simply did not want all that temptation, nor did I really feel that my kids should be eating that much candy for seemingly months on end. So, again, I sought the Lord and as always He was faithful with an answer that has blessed me ever since. I want to share it with you in hopes that it helps bring more peace and balance to you this year! 

The kids collect as much candy as they want to, after all the collection is half the fun. We all sit down together and sort, and ooh and ahh over the amount, then we ALL pick our three favorite pieces to enjoy right then and there. I participated in this right from the get-go. I want to model balance for my kids and let them see that it’s ok to enjoy something like small amounts of candy once in a while without it leading to disordered eating. Then, they are given the choice to trade in their candy or keep it. They can “trade” their candy for an experience (I did toys the first year, but quickly realized that wasn’t the best option). They hand over the remainder of the candy, and in trade I give them an IOU for a trip to the museum, or the zoo, or the movies, any healthy experience they choose. 

So you may be thinking, ok great Sarah, but what if they choose the candy!? I know! Admittedly, I still wait for their answers with bated breath hoping it’s never the candy. If they choose the candy, they get to keep as many additional pieces as they are in years (four pieces for my four year old, eight for my eight year old, etc.). Can I be honest though? They never have! I think there is almost a tiny, albeit, denied part of them that almost feels relieved to have that much abundance controlled for them – I think it’s overwhelming even for kids!  

As for the rest of the candy, I either offer it to my dry cleaner to hand out throughout the year, or friends, I simply toss it. It’s ok. I’ve let go of the guilt. I really think it’s ok to just let that one go – guilt be gone in Jesus name! I pray this blesses you and your family and may THE light of the world shine on you this fall season!

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