The Daily Dish~ Caribbean Cruise!!!

February 28th, 2011 - Daily Dish


Hello Everyone!!! I just returned from a 7 day cruise on the Norwegian Epic Ship, where we traveled to Cozumel, Rotan, and Costa Maya! It was amazing- to say the least!!! I went with my husband, my younger sister Emily, and my parents, and we had a wonderful time! We did a lot of eating, relaxing, and of course~ playing under the sun! This Daily Dish will be filled with the week’s worth of meals and activities I enjoyed on the cruise!

In general, it is very difficult to eat healthy on a cruise ship, but I tried to make healthy choices when possible. Breakfast usually included an egg white omlette, a high fiber cereal of some type, a low sugar yogurt and fruit. For lunch I had some type of salad from the salad bar almost every day, and chose turkey or chicken as a topping (for protein). I almost always followed it with an soft-serve ice cream cone for a ‘snack’ which was definitely a highlight, (especially because it was self-serve frozen yogurt!!!) :) And for dinner I had whatever I wanted…Meaning it generally wasn’t healthy, nor was the dessert…But I was on vacation, so I enjoyed myself! :)

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The Daily Dish~ Love is in the Air!!!

February 15th, 2011 - Daily Dish


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I had a big surprise awaiting me (and didn’t even suspect a thing!) I started off my day by doing a circuit training type workout, and came home to a Frozen Hot Chocolate Protein Shake with a Crushed Cone on top! :) (It’s one of my favorite toppings, because it has 20 calories, low in sugar, and gives the shake even more of an ‘ice cream’ appeal!)


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The Daily Dish~ Snowpocalypse!

February 1st, 2011 - Daily Dish


So, we currently have a BLIZZARD warning here in Michigan…And it’s pretty darn crazy to think that we may have 1-2 feet of snow when we wake up tomorrow!!! Luckily, us Michiganders have plenty of ice/snow removal systems in-tact, but it sure doesn’t keep people from flocking to the grocery stores and/or gas stations in fear, (like the world is going to end or something!) :)

Well, i’m not too worried myself, i’ve got all the food in the world (haha) and the one’s I love around me~ not to mention a kickboxing video (or two) if we really are stranded for a while! Although, let’s hope not I have to work Thursday!!!  :)

This daily dish comes at a perfect time because it’s filled with of my favorite ‘low cal’ comfort foods (which we all need during a blizzard)…Lasagna!!! And a fun winter workout~ ice skating!

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