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May 17th, 2011 - Daily Dish


Hello friends! I hope everyone had an amazing week! I know I sure did…seeing as I’ve had the past 4 days off of work! You see, that is one of the perks of being a nurse…You can work 12 hour shifts, or a lot of shifts in a row, and then have a nice stretch of time off! It’s wonderful because it really does refresh you, and I think, make you a better nurse when you come back! :)

Speaking of 12 hour shifts…I thought I’d show what a 12 hour work day looks like for me! I generally try and take those days as ‘rest days’ from working out, so I might do a walk with my dog Zoey, but if I can’t fit in my workouts elsewhere in the week (or I work more than one 12 in a week), then I do a quick circuit training class in the morning, or a 30 minute Turbo Kick Kickboxing workout dvd at home.

This particular 12 hour work day, I started my day with a circuit training class at 8:30 am. I go to the circuit class with my husband Sean, which makes it more motivating!  Plus, we get to spend a little time doing something fun together before I head off to work. :)

When I start my day with a workout, I generally wake up at 7:50 am and eat a Fiber One yogurt (I freeze them and microwave them for 30 seconds… they taste like ice cream!) I always eat something really light before an early morning workout. It usually consists of some type of yogurt and maybe some frozen fruit!

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Do You Believe You Can Achieve Your Desired Weight!?!

May 2nd, 2011 - True Beauty


What I am about to share with you is how I got completely free from a negative self-image, an unhealthy lifestyle, and how I reached (and have maintained) my desired weight.

When I began my journey to find true health, (to read more about my journey read “my story”)…I began to search what the Word of God had to say about healing and restoration. I went to the bible because¬†ultimately I knew that, “Jesus is the Word made flesh,” (John 1:14) so anytime I want to know what Jesus thinks or has to say about an issue, I go to the Bible!

It was over the course of a year that God revealed some important truths in His word about how what we say, think, and believe about ourselves ultimately¬†comes to pass in our lives. It was this scripture that God initially used to speak this to me: “For as a man thinks in his heart, so shall he be.” (Proverbs 23:7)

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