Dashing Dish Testimonials

Kareese says:

Hey Katie! I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for this website. I am always encouraged by your desire to glorify God in all you do, including cooking, eating, ect. I have a stomach disease that limits me to what I can eat, this website has been such a blessing. This website has allowed me to enjoy cooking and eating. I just wanted to say thank you and thank you for always pointing back to Jesus for being the reason you do all this. I am encouraged. I know sometimes we need encouragement so I just wanted to send some. 


Cathy says:

Dashing Dish has inspired to make positive, life changing choices that is molding the temple God has blessed me with into one that is pleasing and honorable to Him.

I signed up for the Health Coaching program with Katie two years ago. The plan is flexible, yet gives the guidance needed to get on the right track. The program, not only guided me in a new direction with eating and exercise, but also in my spiritual journey. By following the plan, I was able to see positive changes in physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

This past year has been a difficult one emotionally and I found myself falling back into previous habits that, unfortunately, caused me to totally lose focus. I was able to share my struggles with Katie and she reached out to me with encouraging, God inspired wisdom that gave me the nudge I needed to pick myself back up.

This journey we’re all on is a race to freedom. A race that is ran with strength and endurance with the Lord being our biggest fan. True freedom is found in total surrender to Him and when we are healthy, we are able to serve Him with all of our heart, soul and mind.

I’m so thankful that I learned about Dashing Dish just when I needed it most. God has definitely used Katie to inspire and teach others that are struggling in areas that she, herself, has also experienced. Not only have I lost physical weight, but the benefits of growing and seeking the Lord first has led me to a deeper, stronger relationship with Him.

Everyday I’m given the choice to do the right thing and run the race set before me. I’m so blessed to have the Lord and Dashing Dish to guide and encourage me along the way!


Libby says:

I started the health coaching programs as a way to help me jumpstart my goals and hold me accountable for my healthy eating and exercise. I was always a huge fan of Dashing Dish recipes and loved that the program was easy and affordable. What I didn’t expect when I started the program, was the the total heart and soul transformation that the Dashing Dish health coaching gave me. I absolutely loved the easy, healthy recipes, tips and tricks for healthy eating and the step by step meal plan, but it was the devotionals that really pulled on my heart while I was going through the health coaching program. I had never thought of God being part of my life in healthy eating and exercise, but the devotionals brought light and a new view into my life. The devotionals pulled on my heart and made me see Jesus in a whole new way. My spirit felt renewed, whole again and eager to serve Jesus in every part of my life, including my healthy eating and exercise. I felt so much healthier and most importantly happier after going through the health coaching program. 


Libby says:

I had completed the health coaching program as a way to learn about a healthy lifestyle and stay motivated. I was so excited to see the launch of bridal bootcamp, as I had a wedding 6 months away. I can’t say enough positive things about the bridal bootcamp. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time,  but the bridal bootcamp helped me get myself spiritually, physically and emotionally ready for the big day. I lost 9 pounds simply changing my healthy lifestyle and utilizing dashing dish resources.  The best thing about the bridal bootcamp is that it is realistic for brides wanting to get in shape for their big day! The meals are so easy and simple and fun to make and incorporate into everyday busy life and for busy wedding planning brides! This program took so much stress out of my busy wedding planning time and allowed for me to focus on what is important in getting ready for a wedding: mine and my soon to be husband’s long time happiness and health!


Emma says:

Dashing Dish health coaching is so much more then a handy little menu plan with a weekly shopping list.

The support, encouragement and understanding I received from Katie was truly priceless. 

Katie helped me rediscover the tools I needed to learn to trust again, to break free from my obsessive calorie counting and exercise and to let go of the need to feel like I had to be perfect (because there is no way I can be perfect, not even close – after all we are only made perfect in Christ right? He is the only one that’s prefect). Me, I am a work in progress just giving and doing my best each and every single day because, at the end of the day that’s all that we can do.

Through her daily devotionals, handy video’s and weekly check in’s Katie helped me refocus on the things that truly are important. To take time out to rest and reflect and give my body (and soul) the nourishment that it truly needs (and deserves) and I can not recommend this experience highly enough.

Ps – the weekly meal plans are not only all kinds of delicious, they are quick and easy to prepare, the recipes themselves are simple, straight forward and easy to follow and I assure you the food is nothing short of amazing! 


Aubrey says:

Healthy Coaching with Katie was the first avenue that God used in my life to bring me to place of greater freedom! Just prior to finding Katie at Dashing Dish I had a five year battle that left me with an extremely unhealthy relationship to food and exercise. I was frustrated and upset at how much I still thought about food, and I set up many, many of my own “safe foods” and “unsafe foods” that were based nothing on health and nutrition, but rather my own miscued perception of what foods would make me “fat” and so forth. I never ate what I served my husband and two daughters, who were, at the time, 1 and 3, and I knew I never wanted them to remember this struggle in my life. That’s where God continued my deliverance process through Katie!!! The meal plan she provided broke me from my safety net of “safe foods”, and, once more I was enjoying the meals I prepared for my family WITH my family. Kaite’s recipes were ones that both my husband and daughters enjoyed and still continue to enjoy! It took away so much of the anxiety out of my relationship to food. The meal plan truly enabled me to let go of the control reigns of my life over food. She coached me through these issues by asking me tough questions and constantly pointing me to Christ, which leads me to the devotional that was included with the meal plan. Nothing frees you more than Christ’s declaration, “It is finished” and “There is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus!”. Nothing could be added to my salvation. Christ had eaten perfectly for me, and I was now free to walk in that joy. These were the truths she pointed me to. I also grew to enjoy lifting with Katie’s workout program! Previously I had been all about cardio. And again, she helped me create balance to that area of my life as well! The fears of gaining weight and bingeing on foods that I had so long deprived myself of (now that I was eating those foods again), never were realized as Katie’s meal plan brought me to a place of health that I had not experienced for years. I praise God for Dashing Dish and the lovely woman behind it. She has blessed me beyond the words I have written. Of course, there are moments and days of discouragement and seeming setbacks, but, as Katie showed me time and again, where there is Christ, there is freedom; freedom from condemnation, freedom from fear, and freedom to live joyously!


Lisa says:

I saw a recipe for your cake batter protein shake on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I’m now in love with your website!  I’ve just recently become a paying member :)

At this point, I’ve tried probably 10 or so of your protein shakes and they are AMAZING.  Beyond being healthy, they are just insanely delicious and do a great job of satisfying my sweet tooth.  Looking at several of your recipes, I can see that you make an effort to control carbs as well which I can really relate to and appreciate.  The at-home workouts you feature on your site are also great for me since I’ve been looking for some new things to mix up my routine.  

Last but not least, I was watching one of your videos about helpful kitchen tools and I noticed that your bag of frozen cauliflower was from Meijer!  I can only assume you’re a Michigan girl too?!  My fiancee and I are both Michiganders ourselves and I just love to see that kind of innovation and success coming from our home state.  Keep on doing what you’re doing Katie, you’re awesome!

Lisa Becker


Kaitlin says:

I wanted to tell you that you have been an answer to prayer.  I have just finished a diet program where I have lost 125 pounds and feeling the healthiest I have ever been.  But I had intense anxiety that left on my own I would end up with disordered eating or gaining all of my weight back.  I have not cooked a lot in my life.  I have prayed that God would bring the right supports into my path in order that I might be able to stay healthy.  I have also decided to go in to full time Ministry with the Salvation Army.  He has definitely answer my prayer through you.  I love your recipes devotions and how simple you have made healthy alternatives.  Thank-you


Lisa says:

I just wanted to tell you that your website has changed my life. I suffered from a back injury a while back, so I can’t always cook a healthy meal that’s not so intense with 1000 steps.  I always try to make things low fat but they always come out good but you can tell they are low fat. I’ve made so many recipes and even my husband loves it. Your recipes are amazing, and using them I lost about 60 pounds. Thank you for helping me in my quest to lose weight and stay healthy.



Dear Katie, 

I have been following Dashing Dish for about a year now. You have really helped me change my views on nutrition and overall health! I never knew how to go about finding a way to successfully lose and maintain a healthy weight from my time on many of the medications I’ve had to take for my asthma. I stumbled across your site one day, and the rest was history! It’s really fun to see all of your recipes that you create, and I even have shaped weekly meal plans around your recipes. One of my favorites is your Red Velvet Protein Shake!
I also love how Dashing Dish is centered around God, and how He is working through us everyday, especially when it comes to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle! I printed off your devotional, and I have found it is a great way to start my day!
I’m so excited I have found your site. Because of you, I have been able to lose 10 pounds, and my asthma isn’t holding me back anymore. You truly are an inspiration, and I can’t wait to see the changes that are coming to Dashing Dish!
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