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Welcome to my best recipes, workouts, videos, and articles.

Since going full time with Dashing Dish I have spent countless hours cooking up recipes, workouts, videos, and articles to help you live a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. Much of this content is available for free to everyone, but additional content is available to members of Dashing Dish.

A membership to Dashing Dish costs $5/month. However, more than anything else I want you to enjoy this additional content regardless of your financial situation, so I’ve made this membership available on a pay-what-you-want basis. You can choose your monthly donation amount in the form to the right.

Your support not only allows me to continue maintaining the Dashing Dish website, but also allows me to continue trying out new recipes for the site. This truly is my passion, and with your support I can continue sharing some of my favorite creations with you!

Membership Registration

The monthly rate for a Dashing Dish membership is $5. However, if you are unable to afford that rate at this time, please enter the amount you are able to pay in the form box below.

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Dashing Dish Membership Includes:

More Recipes

Access to 10-12 additional recipes per month, plus a select few from the upcoming cookbook!

Additional Articles

Complete access to exclusive Dashing Dish articles, including eating out guides, snack ideas, and more!

Extended Workouts

Access to detailed workouts that include step-by-step instructions and multiple variations!

How-to Videos

Access to exclusive how-to videos for Dashing Dish recipes and other informational guides!

Easy Favoriting

Save any recipe or workout on the site to your personal favorites for quick & easy access later!

Exclusive Cookbook Updates

Dashing Dish members will receive exclusive previews & updates from the upcoming cookbook!

Plant a Seed

By becoming a member, you are truly making the work behind Dashing Dish possible. A portion of the donations will also be sowed back into ministries with a similar purpose to Dashing Dish. This is truly my passion, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite creations with all of you!

301 Membership Recipes
41 Membership Workouts
18 Membership Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dashing Dish offering memberships?

Unlike most recipe websites, which are funded through advertisements, Dashing Dish does not accept any sort of advertising or promotional revenue. For the price of one coffee a month, you can help support Dashing Dish and have unlimited access to all the recipes, workouts, nutrition tools, helpful videos, and much more!  I am truly dedicated to providing recipes and services that will help you become healthy in a balanced and realistic way.

What's included in the membership?

- Unlimited access to all the recipes on Dashing Dish
- Unlimited access to all the workouts on Dashing Dish
- Unlimited access to exclusive articles on on Dashing Dish
- Unlimited access to all the video section of Dashing Dish
- The ability to add recipes and workouts to your favorites section for quick and easy access
- Once you’ve become a member, you will have a star under your avatar showing your support!

How much does the membership cost?

Dashing Dish membership is a pay what you want membership.  Enter any amount you’d like to pay monthly and it will set you up on that plan.  You can also change or cancel it anytime from your account settings.

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