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Healthy living does not have to consist of boring, drawn-out exercises, or bland salads.

I will work with you to develop a personalized nutrition program centered around your daily lifestyle to get you started in the right direction, and help you learn a new way of life that best suits your needs.

This is is not another fad diet filled with huge unobtainable goals; it truly is based on equipping you for a lifestyle change! My philosophy is that healthy living does not have to consist of boring, drawn out exercises or bland salads (you can tell just by looking at my recipes), but it truly can be an enjoyable way of life! Let me teach you how to form new healthy habits one day at a time so that you can enjoy the freedom of healthy living for the rest of your life!

How Health Coaching Works:

1. Personal Introduction

Your journey begins with a questionnaire that will allow me to develop a plan that will work for your own personal lifestyle.

2. Equip & Educate

Using the information you give me I'll develop individualized meal & fitness plans designed specifically to help you reach your goals.

3. Lessons & Goals

Each week you'll receive bite-sized lessons & goals to help equip & empower you to make changes that will last!

4. Reflections

Each week you'll complete & submit a reflection to keep you on track and to help me provide you with more helpful feedback as your journey progresses.

5. Faith-Based Approach

I truly believe that with God, all things are possible! I pray this faith-based approach to Health Coaching will be the basis for lasting change in your life.

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Recent Testimonials:

Hi Katie, Just wanted to let you know that this morning when I got on the scale it showed me that I reached my goal weight! Your help and encouragement through the first four weeks was invaluable and I know it’s what made this weight loss and healthier eating goal a reality.  I’ve used your…

Submitted by

Thank you so much for your coaching over the past eight weeks!  I benefited greatly from your website, the meal plans and especially you god centered perspective.  These eight weeks have been filled with reflection, healing and grace.  I am grateful to be headed in the right direction in freedom with my beloved Christ!

Submitted by Kari

Just wanted to say that I love your website! I too have struggled with starving and binging my whole life, trying to erase the damage with constant exercise, and getting to the point where I was afraid of food. Meaning, I afraid to eat or cook anything that I truly enjoyed because I was afraid…

Submitted by Elaine

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want to do health coaching for longer than four weeks?

I have designed this program to help you establish new and healthy habits over the course of four weeks. During this time time I will equip you with resources and information on how to carry out your new healthy habits for life.

What happens after the four weeks are over?

During the four weeks, you will be educated with extensive information to help you form new healthy habits that are designed to be sustainable for life. During your health coaching, I will be working with you one on one to help you combat any personal challenges you might face. Using the knowledge you have obtained and the resources I have provided, I am confident that you will be able to continue on your journey to health once our time together is complete.

When purchased, when will I have access to health coaching?

Your health coaching login information will be automatically sent to you with your confirmation e-mail once your payment is received.

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