No More DIETS!!! (Clearing the Confusion Once and For All!)

March 25th, 2010 - Food News, True Beauty


I recently got an e-mail from a friend about Dashing Dish that really encouraged me! In that e-mail there was something that she said that really stood out, which was this:

“America is so deceived (especially women) to look a certain size. Girls starve themselves or try the latest fad diet and end up binging because of the calorie restriction. Then they end up feeling guilty and worse than before they started dieting. It’s a vicious circle. I want to work to impart healthy eating habits among the young women in America. I want them to know who they are in Christ, not what the world says they are.” ~Danielle Frontiera

This statement is truly inspiring and straight to the heart of why I started this site to begin with! There are SO many myths out there about the latest ‘diet’, how to drop 10 pounds in a week, and what foods are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for you.  While I may not be an expert, I am someone who has tried many diets, fads, and unhealthy routes of losing weight, all to see that they backfire and end in failure.

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A Simple Formula for Weight Loss and Long-Term Maintenance

March 18th, 2010 - Fitness News


Weight loss comes down to a simple equation: Calories In Versus Calories Out!

Losing or maintaining weight is actually a simple mathematical equation that is often made more complicated than it needs to be. The bottom line is your weight is determined by how many calories you take in versus how many calories you put out.

Having 5-6 smaller meals per day helps to balance out your blood sugar and exercising on a regular basis (which should include strength training to maintain and develop lean muscle mass) also helps boost your metabolism. The key is to find the proper balance of these two for you depending on if you would like to lose or maintain your weight! (I can help you find the right balance to help you reach your goals with Dashing Dish Health Coaching!)

How do I know how many calories i’m taking in!?

I think it is important to mention that a great way to keep track of calories in versus out (especially at first) is by writing down everything you eat (yes even that single fry you took off someone’s plate). This will get you in the habit of being more aware of the calories you are actually taking in… (and you may be surprised)!

It will also give you a good idea of areas you can cut back if need be. This does not have to be a long term thing.. but tracking what you are eating for even 2 days may be enough to make you aware of food labels, and open your eyes to any empty calories you may be consuming. It could also highlight any ‘emotional’ eating that you may be doing, like eating at night out of boredom for example.

Let me state, that in my opinion, this should only be short term, in order to gain knowledge on how and what you are eating, NOT a life long thing (which would be hard to maintain and could become unhealthy in the other direction).

  • If you are unsure about the amount of calories in certain foods, calorie king is a great free resource. It allows you to search just about any food, and gives you the the calories and nutritional content.

How do I maintain my weight?
There is no other way to say this, but if you want to reach and maintain a healthy weight permanently, you have to improve your eating and exercise habits permanently. Many people make the mistake of reaching a certain weight, and then go back to their old lifestyle.

People should instead focus on creating new health habits for the rest of their life. This is why learning to eat healthy foods that still taste great and finding a method of fitness that you enjoy is so important, because you really CAN maintain that for the rest of your life!

Why can’t I lose more than 1lb a week safely?

It is important to eat enough to fuel your body, which means not eating less than 1,200 calories per day. This is because severely restricting calories causes the body to break down lean tissue mass, robbing the body of muscle and bone.

Unfortunately, when people are trying to looe weight too quickly, they might look at the scale and see the numbers are dropping, but what they don’t realize is they are not losing body fat at all! They are generally either loosing water weight, or if they are on an extremely low-calorie diet, they are loosing lean tissue, which is why this type of weight loss never lasts… and usually backfires.

This leads me to my final point…It takes time to put on weight, so it will take time to take it off properly! So be patient, do it the right way, and get results that last a lifetime! :)

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The King of Blenders

March 12th, 2010 - True Beauty


I MUST share about the necessary equipment that is used to make protein shakes because it is ESSENTIAL in order to have a perfect consistency. I must of gone through at least 5 blenders before I found one that didn’t crack/break/or just not do it’s job!  I have found 3 ‘wonders’ that will last you (literally) years or they send you a new one free! I listed the main website where they can be found, but you can usually find a deal on them at Kohl’s and other department stores!

Kitchen Aid 5-Speed Blender- This blender has lasted me literally years and it is worth every penny! This was my first item placed on my wedding registry, because I couldn’t imagine my life without it.  The first year I got it, I did cause it to malfunction (totally my fault) and they replaced it no questions asked!  The great thing about this blender?  They come in adorable colors :).


Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender- Great kitchen tool!  You just stick it right in the cup with all the ingredients and blend away! It’s amazing how smooth this little tool can make a shake.  It can literally pulverize ice cubes in seconds, and it’s a lot less expensive than the blender. It is also great to use for cooking, such as soups, veggies, etc.  The best thing about it… easy set up and clean up!


Magic Bullet- This little gadget is great and it really does whip up a delicious creamy drink in seconds, just like promised! The only downfall about this appliance is that it gives you a standard cup size.  I personally like to feel like I’m getting more ‘bang for my buck’….Or should I say a bigger shake! :)


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Making Fitness Fun

March 12th, 2010 - Fitness News


I grew up being probably the most ‘un-athletic’ person in the world.  Envision a sports ball of any kind flying in the air and there I am running and covering my head for shelter.  I thought I was destined to HATE anything fitness related for the rest of my life.  That all changed when I was forced to take an aerobics class in order to graduate from high school.

It was in this aerobics class that we did a variety of workouts from kickboxing to hip-hop dancing.  I learned that if you find the ‘thing’ that works for you, it really can be fun and even take your mind off the fact that you are working out!

Personally, I LOVE kickboxing…and here is where I need to go on a bit of a tangent about one type of kickboxing in specific.  The best kickboxing out there is called Turbo Kick (aka Turbo Jam) created by the wonderful Chalene Johnson.  She has created a kickboxing workout that is paired with amazing music and high energy ‘choreographed’ kickboxing routines.  You can either get the workout DVDs, which can be found at or  Or, another option is a to join a group class.  Many people have been trained to do turbo kick at fitness clubs all over the US… so check out your local fitness clubs to see if they hold any turbo kick classes in your local gym!

This particular kickboxing workout is great because it is always changing rounds so you never get bored.  The music, well it’s simply amazing… It is current and is really motivating. The best part is that your mind is always so busy learning the moves and you’re having so much fun dancing that you never notice your working out! Oh and did I mention it burns like 500 calories an hour!?  So what I’m saying is… if you have never tried it… try it! You wont regret it! It has changed the way I look at working out…and I’m clearly not the only one.  It has a pretty big following! (Just YouTube turbo kick and you can see for yourself!)

Anyways, off my tangent… there are also many other ways of getting fit and it doesn’t have to involve treadmills or flying balls of any sort! ;) Just find what ‘works’ for you, and go for it!

In addition, I would advise to switch things up as often as possible (maybe even a few times a week). I mean think about it… who wants to do the SAME thing every day!? It gets boring, and your body gets bored (i.e.: plateau)! So for example, I do kickboxing 1-2 times a week, a bootcamp class at a gym 3 times a week (AFS in Ann Arbor Michigan: {}, which is also an AMAZING workout that got me toned and ready for my wedding!) and maybe take an hour long walk with my sister once a week!

The point is, a workout should NOT be boring or something you dread and if it is… find something new!  Be bold about it!  Go with some friends, try drop-in work out classes, and buy some workout DVDs ({} is a great place to find them and preview them). Do whatever you can to get out of your comfort zone!  You never know… you might try something once and fall in love like I did with turbo jam!

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