Getting Fit for a Big Day!

July 30th, 2010 - Fitness News, True Beauty


For me..The biggest and best day of my life (so far) was my wedding day (not counting the day I gave Jesus my heart and life of course!) In fact, this topic came to my mind in particular, because my 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up this August 8th!

A lot of people asked me what I did to ‘get in shape’ for my wedding.  It surprised many people (even myself at times while I was going through it) when I said that I worked out less…and ate more….to get my body in terffific shape! In fact, I have continued this ‘approach’ on fitness/eating to this day, (which shows it is attainable, and realistic)…And haven’t gained back a pound, and have ‘toned’ up even more since that day!

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The Daily Dish!

July 26th, 2010 - Daily Dish


The past week went so quick, I barely remember what happened~ I guess that’s what happens when you work full-time, (and work the weekend)! This was my first week off-orientation..And it was very scary at first…But I am also loving the feeling of walking in the room and being able to say, ‘Hi, my name is Katie, and I’m your nurse for tonight!’ :)

God is sooo good, and I have so many praise reports when I finish work every night! He has given me so much favor with every one I work with, and even my patients! I find it interesting how the nurse before me will ‘warn’ me that a patient was ‘difficult’, and when I go in the room with a smile, (and show them compassion), they are suddenly sweet as a pea! :)

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The Daily Dish!

July 18th, 2010 - Daily Dish


I had a wonderful 2nd full week of working as a nurse…and I must say it’s amazing how quickly everything is starting to ‘come together’~ Much quicker than I thought at least! :) I love everything about my new job, except for working every other weekend that is…But hey, that just means I get days off during the week right!?! :)

Starting this full-time job has got me thinking about how to integrate my passion for caring for people, with my love for cooking/baking, and teaching people how to live healthy lifestyles! I have thought up a few ideas that are nursing-related such as becoming a certified diabetes nurse educator, (where I would teach patients newly diagnosed with diabetes how to eat healthy)…But ultimately, I have already had a chance to integrate my two passions together in none-other than the nursing ‘break room’!

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The Daily Dish!

July 12th, 2010 - Daily Dish


Whew! Well after a 6 day work week at my new job I am finally sitting down for what feels like the first time in a week! I love my new nursing job, and I so appreciate all the prayers and words of encouragement! God has been so faithful to lead and guide me through this time!

I have already learned so much about nursing, myself, and God in the short period of time I have been at this new job.  The most important thing is that of course that I simply can’t lean on my own understanding, and that I NEED GOD and His wisdom.

Another thing that has changed after starting a full time job is my daily meals! With 8 hour work days ahead of me I don’t exactly have the time to cook a hot meal every day, and I definitely have to plan ahead!

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