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August 14th, 2010 - Daily Dish


Well…This week was what I like to call “Back to Real Life Week” …You know what i’m talking about, that week back to work after a vacation, where it’s hard to concentrate, and ‘get down to business’ because all you want to do is go back to laying out by the pool and hanging out on the beach!?! ;) However, my husband and I had a chance to give each other our one year anniversary gifts this week, which brought a little ‘excitement’ and something to look forward to!

I wanted to surprise my husband with his gift, which was a I-Mac desktop computer, (he has always wanted one to do his graphic design work on!)  So I told him I would be gone for a while grocery shopping…while all the while I was picking up his computer! I went and grabbed a few groceries, so I would have something to bring in..and send him (like I usally do) to retrieve the rest of the groceries in my car!

When he walked out to the car, he certainly didn’t found much more than groceries,when he saw his new computer sitting in my back seat! I then ran out to watch his reaction and scream ‘Happy One Year Babe!’ It was awesome, and I pulled it off without a hitch which was a relief…(because let’s just say I rarely pull off surprises!)

Little did I know that Sean had his own ‘tricks’ up his sleeve, and as I was about to get a huge surprise of my own! Moments later, as I was putting the groceries away, I turned to see Sean walking in the kitchen with a box that was beautifully wrapped by Williams and Sonoma! I lit-up inside as I opened the box, and saw something that I have always wanted, but always seemed to be just out of reach…A VitaMix Blender!!! And let me tell you..This is a true gift from God! He is so awesome, and He cares about even the simple ‘desires’ of our hearts! He is SO good when you delight yourself in HIM! :)

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The Daily Dish~ Ft.Lauderdale Florida!

August 9th, 2010 - Daily Dish


For my one year anniversary, my husband Sean took me to Ft.Lauderdale, Florida! It was such an amazing trip and very relaxing! We purposely spent most of the days laying out, eating out, and simply do a whole lot of ‘nothing’ except for spending time together! Our hotel was right on the beach, which was perfect for the  sunny and beautiful days we were blessed with.

My ‘eats’ were definitely different considering we stayed in a hotel room.  There was no fridge or means of cooking food, but I managed to find something relatively healthy, yet tasty, just about everywhere we went!

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