The Daily Dish~ Easter Week!

April 26th, 2011 - Daily Dish


I hope everyone had an amazing Easter and enjoyed time with their family and friends!  This year was the first Easter that I had to work, so my family and I planned to spread out some of our Easter traditions throughout the week!

It also happened to be my older sister Sarah’s birthday this past week, and my younger sister Emily had Good Friday off, (she’s a 3rd grade teacher), so turned out to be a wonderful week with lots of time spent with my family!

Since I had so many ‘celebrations’ this week, I decided to share a weeks worth of ‘highlights’ on this Daily Dish post, as opposed to just a single day! So here you have it…The Daily Dish~ Easter Week!

Because I work the afternoon shift at work, my family and I were able to spend Easter morning together! We attended the early church service, which was awesome, because it was truly a celebration of our Savior Jesus~ (Hey thats what Easter is all about after all!)

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The Daily Dish~ Plus Winner of the Anniversary Giveaway Announced!!!

April 1st, 2011 - Daily Dish


I hope everyone had a blessed week! I personally had a very busy week (as usual), which at this time of my life it is my job that keeps me the busiest, which is SO rewarding.  So, I have to say that every bit of ‘hard work’ is worth it (especially when I keep my focus on working for the Lord!) :)

This week I worked a 12 hour shift and a few 8 hour shifts.  And let me tell you…I have to get pretty creative with my workouts and meal planning when I work a 12 hour shift!  However, I must say that it’s proof that you can still eat healthy/exercise no matter how busy/long your days are…It just takes a little extra planning!

So, how do I do it you may ask!?! Well…I always take a few minutes somwhere in the beginning of my week to plan my workouts and pack my meals for the week. I always take (at least) 2 rest days a week, so I try to plan my workouts on the days that I’m not working, and/or on the days that I only work 8 hour shifts. I also take about 30 minutes somewhere in the beginning of my week to pack my lunches and snacks for the week! (I discussed this in more detail in my Healthy Lunches To Go video post!)

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