The Daily Dish~ Sweet Summer Time!

July 21st, 2011 - Daily Dish


Hey everyone! I’ve been soaking up these beautiful summer days here in Michigan, and yes…It’s usually humid or raining, but I can’t complain…It’s summer time! I thought I’d share a Daily Dish post that is filled with pictures of what I’m loving most about summer time! So Here We Go! :)

Making homemade frozen yogurt and ice cream with my ice cream maker! (How cute is this apron!?! my friend had it made for me with the Dashing Dish logo embroidered on it! Thanks Dayna I love it!!!)


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Change the Image

July 12th, 2011 - True Beauty


When I was doing my morning devotionals the other day, God brought me to one that I knew He wanted me to share with all of you! It talks about how the Word of God can change the image that you have on the inside, which is the key to any lasting change that you hope to see on the outside!

Here’s an excerpt from the Faith to Faith devotional written by Kenneth Copeland:

According to Romans, hope is actually looking at something you can’t see. How do you do that? You do it by looking at the promises of God in the Word until with your inner eyes- the eyes of your spirit- a picture is formed.

For example, one of the hardest things I ever had to do was face the fact that the inner image I had of myself physically was overweight. It didn’t matter how hard I tried to change, it wouldn’t go away. I was always on a diet. I must have lost (and regained) hundreds of pounds over the years.

I finally had to admit that as long as my inner image of myself was fat, my outer self was going to match it. Remember, it’s faith that changes things, and without the inner image of hope, faith cannot work.

So I decided to fast for seven days. I searched my bible for every scripture I could find on food and eating and I found many.

I meditated on every one of those scriptures and prayed for seven full days. What was I doing you may ask?! I was changing the image on the inside of me concerning my weight.

It wasn’t long before the new image I had on the inside began to shine on the outside. I began to see myself as the healthy, fit person that God created me to be, and over twenty years later, I have maintained my desired weight, (which is what I believe God created me to be at!)

I will tell you however, that this is not something that can be done overnight. It takes time. Especially if the inner image you’re changing has been there for years.

But you CAN do it and God wants to partner with you! I have seen thousands of people transformed by changing the image they have on the inside of themselves with the Word of God!

Go to the Word of God today and begin to change the images inside of you. Change them from the images of despair and defeat to images of hope! Let God give you a blueprint in your heart for what you are believing for, and let your faith build on it!

(Related Scripture Reading: Romans 4: 16-21)

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