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Dashing Devotional~ Lasting Change Comes From the Inside Out!

October 25th, 2012 - Dashing Devotionals, True Beauty


“As a Man Thinks in His Heart, So is He” ~ Proverbs 23:7

In our world today, we truly do make it seem very painful, strenuous, and for the most part, down-right uncomfortable to change an area of our lives. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight, or reaching a health or fitness goal. Many times, people have the desire to change, but when it comes to breaking ‘habits’ or developing a lifestyle change that comes with long term weight loss…People often dread the ‘toil’ that comes with the change.

The reason that change often times seems so difficult is that we are trying to make it happen BACKWARDS! The bible says in Proverbs 23:7 that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. This means that if you are ever going to TRULY change, you have to start to see yourself on the inside how you want to look on the outside. (A great example is that you start to believe that you truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens you…Imagine what could happen on the outside….Marathon anyone!?!)

Now…This doesn’t mean that we can kick off our shoes and be lazy by any means. In fact… If anything it means that we need to get dedicated and motivated to changing our mindsets! When it came to my personal transformation in this area I won’t lie, it did take time. This was because I had to renew my mind from the YEARS of bondage that I was in. Day by day I was (and still continue to be) as persistent as a bulldog as I take ahold of God’s truths in His Word, and let them change the way I see myself on the inside, and claim them as God’s personal promises to me.

You see, all lasting change truly starts and takes place right in between your ears (your mind!) Satans only trick is to lie to us and deceive us….He tries to make us think that we will never feel pretty or break free in a certain area (such as issues with our weight), but he is nothing but a liar! Christ came to set us free from ALL bondage!

In fact, if you are born again, the Bible says you are ALREADY free. “Whom the son has set free, is free indeed” (John 8:36). This means that you don’t have to put up with depression or negative mindsets anymore! Jesus made you free from that. Now all you have to do is renew your mind to who HE says you are, and believe nothing but that! It is then that the outside will change, almost effortlessly!

Yes, it’s important that we exercise regularly and eat healthy. However, even these changes are made much easier when you believe you can make them and stick to them…Which occurs when God helps you change how YOU see yourself.Start today by asking the Lord to help you get a new image of yourself and to see yourself the way He originally created you to be. This doesn’t necessarily mean He created you to be a size two.  This society tells you that you have to be a certain size. Our Father is such an artist, and He created each one of us so unique! However, He does want you to feel and look your best, and He can put that vision inside of you!

After spending time developing the ‘vision’ of how you want to look and feel, write it down…in detail. Ask Him to help you get there, and DON’T give up.

Another important step to complete freedom and renewing your mind is writing down scripture on note cards and putting them where you can see them (in your house, in your car, etc.). Speak them out every day as you see them to remind yourself of who Jesus said you are in His Word! THAT is the ultimate truth that will never fail.  It will take time (because we have spent a lot of time learning what the world says about us), but eventually, just as a seed planted in the ground produces, as you ‘plant’ the Word in your heart and water it daily, it WILL produce!  Don’t give up!

Above all, always remember… When you seek God in an area with your whole heart, you will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). I can say with total confidence that when you purse change on the inside, lasting change will come as a direct result on the outside! God will never let you down! :)


Leah said:

Perfect message for my heart right now. God is amazing with His timing!

xo friend

October 25th, 2012 — 10:29am  |  Reply

amy said:

Thank you, Katie! xo!

October 25th, 2012 — 11:16am  |  Reply

Jenna said:

Thank you so much for this! I’ve had a few of these ideas in my mind for a while now, and you put them together in such a perfect way.

October 25th, 2012 — 11:20am  |  Reply

Amanda Wade said:

Thank you Katie for this Devotional. After struggling with anorexia and finally getting to a healthy weight, my eating disorder (Satan) tells me all lies. Struggling with an eating disorder for more than 10 years, it seems alomost impossible to change the habits, but you remind me that I can find strength in God. This is exactly what my heart needed!

October 25th, 2012 — 2:42pm  |  Reply

Dashing Dish said:

Praise god Amanda!!!

October 25th, 2012 — 5:55pm  | 

Liz Stark said:

I still struggle with change, but work towards being more adaptive everyday. Thank you for this message!

October 25th, 2012 — 3:16pm  |  Reply

Courtney said:

The timing of this devotional is so perfect and it’s really highlighted that God is trying to get this message across to me. I’ve been struggling so long with negative thoughts, not towards myself but toward others. For as long as I can remember I’ve been judgmental of others, and I always thought that I would just never be one of those happy, peaceful Christians. I don’t want to label myself a hateful person because it’s just so horrible, but to be honest my thoughts do stray into downright hateful sometimes. For several weeks now I’ve been asking God to change my heart because I don’t want to be negative and judgmental anymore. I believe he’s heard my prayer and he’s showing me that through Him I can change my heart. This is the second time I’ve encountered this verse this week, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. God is showing me that the only way I can learn to love others the way he loves me is to change my thoughts toward them. It’s going to be really challenging because I’ve thought this way for so long, but I’m already feeling more at peace and I really look forward to the lasting results of the transformation He’s performing.

October 26th, 2012 — 11:38am  |  Reply

Tveen Tcharkhoutian said:

Exactly what I needed during this season of life! Thank you!

October 29th, 2012 — 1:10pm  |  Reply

Jacqueline Higginbotham said:

I so need this in my heart today! My image of myself has been dainted for some time actually for most of my life and well I just feel he sent his word to me today… Be blessed in 2013!

January 10th, 2013 — 1:11pm  |  Reply

Katie said:

I have been trying to follow The Lord while still living in bondage to depression and anger. I cried out to God, begging for an answer to why I could not find freedom, I asked Him for a miracle because I did not want to stay this way and I truly believe His answer was leading me to your website! I was just searching for a healthy recipe and wow! I got that, but so much more! I watched your videos and began reading and God immediately showed me the answer, renew my mind! I set my alarm early this morning and spent time with Jesus, I am on my way to freedom. Thank you for what you do and praise God!

January 26th, 2013 — 9:46am  |  Reply

Dashing Dish said:

PRAISE GOD KATIE!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo right..that is the key! :)

Be sure to download the 30 day devotional too (on my site for free) :)

January 26th, 2013 — 10:29am  | 

Ashley Ladd said:

Thank You, God is definitely using you !! Thank You for all your hard work, in just a few short days, God has used you to help me tremendously !! You are a blessing :)

February 24th, 2013 — 2:19am  |  Reply

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