Meal Plan FAQ’s

Is "Dashing Dish Meal Plans" a diet?

No, these meal plans are simply a way of eating healthy without spending the extra time, money, and energy it takes to plan, prepare, and put together nutritious meals throughout the week. I take the guesswork out of eating healthy in a realistic and enjoyable way, and it’s all with the added guarantee that food won’t go to waste!

I follow a special diet. Can your meal plans be adapted to fit my needs?

I provide a variety of alternatives to vary the meal plans to suit your personal taste and needs. If you are interested in a meal plan that is tailored to your specific needs or to meet your individual health goals, see my Health Coaching service. As time goes on I will be adding a variety of meal plan series, such as gluten free and clean eating.

What if the servings do not accommodate the size of my family?

Each meal serves 4 people, but it’s simple to modify. Simply add/subtract a serving size in order to meet your family’s needs.

I'm not sure my children will like the meals. What do you recommend?

My meal plans have been extensively trialled by families of all sizes, including families with very specific needs and tastes. These meal plans were specifically created to be flexible and easily adjustable, so even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the recipes and food options.

When purchased, when will I have access to the meal plans?

The meal plans will be sent to you automatically with your confirmation e-mail once your payment is received.

How often will you be creating new meal plans?

I plan to add new monthly meal plans with all new recipes as time goes on. This way you can rotate and vary your meal plans as you wish. I also plan to create a gluten free and ‘clean eating’ meal plan series in the near future. If you would like to stay up to date on all my new additions, sign up to receive the newsletter in the footer.

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