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Tips on Staying Fit this Holiday Season!!!!

December 21st, 2010 - Fitness News


I already posted these tips in my last Daily Dish post, but thought they could use a post of their own incase you missed them! :)

No matter what holiday traditions and/or events you may be partaking in this season, i’m sure two things apply to just about everyone~ one- it’s an extremly busy time of year, and two- there’s food and treats every where you look! When you combine these two things, it’s no wonder why the holidays generally come with the wonderful gift of weight gain!

As common as this may be however, this does not have to be the case with you! I have found that I always enjoy the holiday season, without gaining weight, all by making a simple list~ and checking it twice! It really just takes a little extra ‘planning’ to keep my body fit this time of year~ all while enjoying some of my favorite holiday traditions and treats!

One tip that I would give to help stay fit during the holidays is to keep exercise a priority! I know everyone is extremly busy this time of year, but if you get up an hour earlier to fit in a workout, or do something fun with your family such as ice skating or sledding, you will find that you can fit exercise in somewhere if you make it a priority! Something that works well for me is planning my workouts on Sunday night for the following week!

Another tip would be to keep portable and healthy snacks on hand at all times! The worst thing that you could do is let yourself starve…especially before a holiday party! As i’ve said before, when people allow themselves to get ‘overly hungry’ ~ they tend to eat whatever is in front of them, and generally overeat, loosing all sense of self control when they finally do sit down to eat! Which is why if you go the extra mile to plan ahead, and have snacks in your car, purse, or wherever~ you can usually avoid these types of ‘holiday bingeing’ situations!

The next tip to stay in shape during the holidays is to allow yourself to have your favorite Christmas treats! Let’s face it, the holidays only come around once a year~ which means certain ‘treats’ and/or dishes are going to be prepared that are usually part of your holiday ‘tradition’! Being healthy doesn’t mean that you have to sit on the sidelines when it comes to partaking in a chocolate fondue party for example….But it doesmean choosing your ‘treats’ wisely!

For example, I made Christmas cookies this past week with my family, and I knew I traditionally eat some of the cookies while decorating! So, instead of eating 3 or 4 cookies, I simply ate one! I didn’t feel deprived, and I truly enjoyed every bite of that wonderfully rich cookie!

I will probably find the one treat that I really desire on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as well~ and here’s the key… I will eat just one…and truly savor and enjoy every bite! Also, as I discussed in my Thanksgiving post, I do enjoy wonderfully rich holiday meals with my family, but at the same time, I try and pile my plate with as many veggies and lean proteins as I possible, and then I go back to eating healthy at my very next meal!

And last but not least, I would suggest bringing a healthy appetizer, side dish, or dessert to any holiday party you attend! There are many great selections on my site that I can guarantee no one will suspect as being healthy, (unless you tell everyone of course), and that way you can pile up on the tasty food right along side everyone else…All while keeping your health and waistline in check! :)

Here are a few great recipes from my site that would make an excellent holiday appetizer, side dish, cookie and/or dessert:


Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…And a HEALTHY one at that! ;) ~ Katie


Sami said:

I like the new layout! :) And this post is great. You are so right about going places prepared! A lot of times I pack almonds or a vitatop in my purse just incase a craving hits!


December 21st, 2010 — 9:30am  |  Reply

Ashley Walker said:

I LOVE THIS! You’re too cute. Check out my blog! It’s all about exploring the Hebrew roots of the bible!

Hopefully I’ll see you soon! I think your mom invited us to dinner lol

December 21st, 2010 — 4:01pm  |  Reply

Alycia [Fit n Fresh] said:

Awesome post! I already follow a lot of those tips – I even schedule in my workouts! But making sure I make them, that’s another story entirely ;)

December 21st, 2010 — 7:36pm  |  Reply

Ana Maria said:

These tips are great, its so hard to be motivated to go workout when its so cold and such outside, but it is still important especially with holiday meals and get-togethers

March 19th, 2011 — 3:21pm  |  Reply

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